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Domino’s Pizza Mobile Ordering App: India

Domino’s was the first food services company in India to introduce local online ordering services.  In May 2012, they successfully launched an online ordering mobile app to complement their internet services.  Below are some interesting facts about the Indian market that make this app a great idea.

Domino's Pizza Mobile Ordering App: India

Source: SoCoMo

The Premium Bond

Who made the best Bond according to critics and reviews?

The Premium Bond

Source: Ben Willers

Austerity Is Not Working

In 2007, the subprime mortgage industry in the United States collapsed, bringing on a credit crunch and a recession on a global scale.  The European sovereign-debt crisis followed and, some thinkers argue, the mess must be resolved through austerity measures.  But something isn’t right.  In April 2012, a 77-year-old retired pharmacist shot himself in the chest during rush hour on Athens’ Constitution Square to protest the harsh conditions brought on by austerity.  He is just one in a wave of suicides in austerity-affected countries like Italy and Greece.  Is austerity no working, or is it working just as it’s supposed to: bringing countries to their financial knees so bankers can remake them from the ground up?

Austerity Is Not Working

Source: Visually

How The WIC Program Supports Breastfeeding

WIC provides nutrition and breastfeeding education, nutritious foods, and improved healthcare access for 9 million at-risk low-income women, infants, and children.

How The WIC Program Supports Breastfeeding

Source: National WIC Association