January was a good month for Digg, with Facebook referral traffic up 67 percent in January over December, and a 35 percent increase in page views – the highest it’s been since October of last year.  It also marked the first month users could add their favorite stories to their Facebook Timeline using the Digg Social Reader.  At Digg, they strive to understand what it means when you Digg, Like, Tweet, and LinkedIn Share, so that they can determine what people are most interested in reading about.  Most recently, they have found the most compelling data in user’s Facebook Timeline.  Using the Digg Social Reader, they uncovered that people like technology, chicken nuggets, and MythBusters.  Like a cocktail party, conversation on the Facebook Timeline includes mainly safe topics, leaving politics and religion at home.  Unaffected by optimization or online tricks that publishers use to drive traffic to their site, these stories are the most likely to represent popular sentiment.  A scalable human curation is taking effect, and we’re just getting started!

People Like Chicken Nuggets And Other Things We Learned From Facebook
Source: Digg